We Needed an App for Church

One of the things that was very disruptive at church was how many people constantly forgot to put their phone on mute of vibrate before coming in the doors. Some felt it was only to be done during a message from the pastor, but it disrupts fellowship too. That is why I decided to take action. I talked to a mobile app developer to see if it was possible to have an app where people who had it would automatically have their phones muted if they came into the church and forgot to do that themselves.

I honestly did not know if that was possible, and I had other things I wanted to talk to the app developer about too. We had been wanting to have a church app for a while, and this seemed the perfect time to just find out what we would be able to do with an app and what would be too hard to create. I was both surprised and happy when he told me that he could easily do that. I was happy because I knew that the days of ringing phones during service and fellowship were about to be over.

I talked with him about other things that we could have on that app too, such as a church calendar, a way to donate tithes and offerings, and so parishioners could schedule a time to talk with the pastor or one of his associates. It did not take long for the app to be created, and we were able to roll it out over the next few weeks. The difference in church is amazing. People are talking to each other at fellowship events, and the service only has an occasional ringing phone disrupting it now. We should have had this app created ages ago!


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