We Have Music from Our Canary Every Day

When my husband told me he was buying a canary singing CD, I had to laugh. I asked him why he was buying one, and he said that it only made sense since our own canary was not singing for us. That is one of the reasons why we had bought our canary in the first place, so we could hear the music that they are known to make. When ours did not even give a single peep or whistle, we had to laugh that we bought a dud. We still kept her though because she was pretty and still a part of our family, even without the singing.

He bought the CD mainly as a joke. He wanted to play it so we could hear a singing bird, but what happened when we did is nothing short of amazing. The only sounds on this CD were of another canary singing different songs. When we would play it, our little canary actually started to learn how to sing the same songs. I was home alone when I first heard it, which really freaked me out because I knew that I had not turned on the CD.

When I realized that it was the bird singing though, I actually cried. It was just the most beautiful sound, and I could not wait for my husband to hear it too. He did not have to wait long, as our canary started singing for him as soon as he walked in the door that night. He thought the same thing I did, that I had turned the CD on before he came home. He was just as surprised to learn that the CD was not playing but it was actually our Jenny, which is what we named our canary. Now, we have music every day from her, and it is beautiful.


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