The Encore Has It All

I did not have a lot of time to waste when it came to finding a new home to live in. My new boss wanted me at my job within one week of getting hired. I did not want to live out of a motel for more than a few nights, so I knew I had to get busy, otherwise that is exactly what would happen. I pulled out my laptop and looked up 30339 apartments. I know there are a lot of apartments in the area, but I wanted one that is going to be pretty close to where I am hoping to retire from.

Since I was able to limit where I wanted to live like that, it was actually pretty easy to go through all of the potential future apartments. Most didn’t make it even a minute on my screen, because they were just not as nice as I was hoping for. When I saw The Encore, I knew my luck was changing. This apartment complex really knows how to draw someone’s attention to it. I was able to see just how nice it is from the various photos in their gallery, and there was also a lot of information right on the site about what to expect there too.

That is why it was so easy to pick as the place I wanted to live. It is about six minutes from where I work now, and there are a lot of other things around too since it is just minutes from the downtown area. There are even a lot of places where I can walk to, which is something I had never been able to do before. The apartment I have now is gorgeous too, and I have already met a few people who I know will become great friends in no time.


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