Texas Has Grown on Me!

I was not happy about moving to Texas because I had never left the area where I was born and raised. I knew that this offer was too good to come up again though, so I accepted the position that meant I would have to move over 900 miles away from everything and everyone I know. I didn’t even have time to go there and look for a place to live, so I had to take care of that online. I was surprised it was easy though once I looked at the San Antonio Stone Oak apartments.

These apartments are real close to where I work, and they are nice too. There were four different one bedroom floor plans that I could look at, and all but the smallest one even have a garage that is attached. I knew that I would really appreciate that because my car is like my baby at times, and I did not want to leave it outside exposed to the elements if I did not have to. The apartment itself was nice too. It was plenty big enough for me, and I even have a balcony where I sometimes sit in the evenings just to relax from a busy day.

What I like best though are the community amenities. I love that I can open my front door, walk down the corridor and walk into a fitness center that is every bit as good as the one that I paid an annual membership to be able to use. I also like that the swimming pool is a nice size, and that I never have a problem with crowds there when I want to take a dip. I didn’t like the idea of moving here at all, but now I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. It really has grown on me!


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