Started Work on My Workshop

I have been considering how best to optimize the design and construction of the work shop, obviously I want to end up with the best quality and largest structure that is possible without exceeding the budget that I have in mind. I am getting all of the material right now and storing it under a temporary shelter. I decided to buy fiber underlayment so that I can better insulate the building against noise. After I was out at the site for a good while I realized that there is a lot of road noise there. The building will insulate the house from it after it is built, but while I am in the building you are going to be able to hear the road traffic pretty much most of the day and in certain parts of the night. At any rate it is going to be a lot better to think about how to insulate it against sound when you put it up. Of course at the same time I need it to be comfortable in the winter and the summer, so I am going to really overinsulate it.

The idea I had to start with was to put a sunroom on the top of the building, of course my wife would really love that and it would make the whole project a lot better for us as a couple. She is a serious gardener and is really wanting me to build her a greenhouse. I do not think that would be that big of a deal in all honesty, aside from the fact that there is only one place where I could put it and that is where I am going to put my work shop. So the only way to do both is to put one on top of the other.


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