Renewing Lease on Life in New Apartment

After the death of my brother-in-law several years ago, my sister was finally ready to move from her marital home in Anaheim to be a little closer to family and a new job opportunity at Saddleback College. She had enlisted me to check out renew at the shops which is a beautiful luxury apartment complex near to my home in Mission Viejo.

While I had offered to let my sister stay at my house while she embarked on her new teaching career, my sister insisted that she have her own place and not be a burden on anyone. I assured her she would be far from a burden, but knowing my sister, who had always been fiercely independent, she needed a brand new start in a new place.

I admit, having lived my husband and our kids in a beautiful four bedroom home for the last 20 years, I could not fathom how an apartment could possibly be as nice, but I kept in mind I was searching for my sister that she did not have the same desires for her living space as I did. I can also admit, that after viewing the apartment my sister was considering, I was not at all in tune with what was available in apartments these days. I only remembered the dark little spaces my husband and I had inhabited during our first year of marriage before we found our house and what I saw was the complete opposite of that.

I was welcomed by the rental agent into a beautiful, spacious two bedroom apartment filled with light and all of the amenities of a hotel. The appliances were up to date, the layout was great with easy parking and I could easily picture my sister’s furniture throughout the space. This was definitely the apartment for my sister and I knew once she saw the onsite pool and fitness center, coupled with being able to have a pet, she would sign the lease.


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