Reaching out to Touch the Fans

If there has been one industry which has been able to progress and evolve quickly thanks to the introduction of the Internet into American consumers homes, it’s the music industry. It has been both a source of conflict against the archaic RIAA and a boon for the indie artist who seeks to make a name for themselves. It has adapted quickly to the needs of the artists and is finally now bridging the gap between the indie and the corporate with the help of music sync companies. These companies can offer a helping hand for the artist who wants to have their music played in commercials and movies.

Not every artist is going to choose this method of distribution. I think it’s clever myself and will gladly upload my music to their servers as well as continue distributing my tracks as I always have. Whether it’s through YouTube, MySpace, Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Music Play, iTune and a dozen different other platforms for distribution, the indie artist has more choices today than they have ever had in the entire history of the industry itself. The independent now has more power than they know what to do with which is both a problem and a blessing.

It’s not easy to stumble into success. As an artist, you must have a goal. A focus. You must have a plan in the ready in order to take advantage of each platform. The vast majority of the work is already done for us. What’s left to us is creating great music and reaching out to touch the potential fans who might be curious about our music. These days, fans want to know more about the artist behind the music. They want to see and experience the passion of creating music through their favorite artist and that is how we reach them.


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