Getting Excited by a New Move

I know that some of my friends get really excited about a new move because of the positive changes that it will bring to their lives. I am not one of those people, or at least I never used to be. When I found out that I needed to start looking at apartments in South Charlotte NC because of a job offer there, I was excited about the job but not the apartment search or the entire moving agenda. I have lived in three apartments since being on my own, and each one has come with its own set of problems.

I am making great money now though, so I was hoping that I would be able to upgrade to a luxury apartment. Read more »


I Am Going to Be a Top Contender

To be the best, you have to be prepared to work hard. This is something that I have always known, and I thought that I had adhered to it pretty well. When I missed the nationals for the second year in a row for swimming, I knew that I had to do something different. My coach suggested that I look at a Denver sports performance training facility that he had heard a lot of good things about. He gave me the website information, and I was impressed as soon as I saw the home page for the top notch training facility.

This is a place that really does take people to the next level. Read more »


Texas Has Grown on Me!

I was not happy about moving to Texas because I had never left the area where I was born and raised. I knew that this offer was too good to come up again though, so I accepted the position that meant I would have to move over 900 miles away from everything and everyone I know. I didn’t even have time to go there and look for a place to live, so I had to take care of that online. I was surprised it was easy though once I looked at the San Antonio Stone Oak apartments.

These apartments are real close to where I work, and they are nice too. Read more »


I Am Excited That My Parents Are Coming to Visit

I left China in order to go to school in the US, and my parents wanted this for me just as much as I wanted it for myself. After I got here I realized that the best way to secure future for myself in life was to stay here, but that meant that I would need to leave my parents. I put myself through school by working for the people over at for 6 years. They were really good for me and flexible with my class schedule. Now, they are helping me after learning that my parents are coming here to visit.

I work full-time now as an accountant. My dream is to one day to own my own accounting firm. I am working very hard toward that goal. In the meantime I miss my parents very much, and they miss me, too. So I save money and then bring both of my parents over for a month-long visit. I have been trying to get everything worked out ahead of time so that everything is Smooth Sailing by the time they get here. Read more »


A Project Better Than Any Volcano

My son’s teacher made the entire class do a science project, but she didn’t want anyone to do the classic volcano that students normally make. I guess she’s seen enough of those volcanoes to last a lifetime. My son came up with the idea of making a tiny solar powered car, and asked me what is the price of copper per pound so he could use it to build the car. He needed the copper for the frame of the car because he wanted enough to support his body weight. The solar cells of the car would be used to charge a battery hidden in the front of the car. For someone my son’s age, he came up with a pretty good idea in the solar car.

I helped my son draw the design for the car and we bought the parts necessary to build it. My son is pretty handy with a set of tools. Read more »


Never Text While Driving a Car!

My journey through the legal system with a car accident attorney in Sacramento began when I was hit by a teenager while driving to work. While my mind was consumed with the daily concerns of commuting and focusing on the project I was working on at my job, I never noticed the car racing into the side of my vehicle. Out of the corner of my eye, right at impact, I saw something fly up against the inside of their windshield. I wasn’t hurt enough to require medical attention, which meant I was in the right frame of mind to notice the smartphone on their dashboard.

Why would their phone be on the dashboard? That’s a weird place for a phone, and why wasn’t it knocked off at impact? I asked the police officer these questions and he was interested in the answers as well. It turns out the girl was texting her friends and wasn’t paying attention to the road. Read more »


Getting an IPhone Unlocked is Easier Than Ever

I broke my expensive iPhone. Well, it wasn’t me. It was my rotten brother. I had some of my electronics sitting on my bed. He came in and jumped on the bed making my phone bounce onto the floor. The broken screen has sharp pieces that make it impossible to do anything. I feel like the guy in that phone commercial who had bandages on his fingers trying to use a cell phone with a broken screen. I bought a used iPhone from a cousin who got a new one, and I went to to figure out how to unlock it to use with my carrier.

I was still paying on the one that broke. I did not have insurance on it. Read more »


I Just Got a Promotion

Of course that would have been much better if it had not come with a relocation to go along with it. I have to move a hundred and fifty miles into New Jersey. It is going to involve becoming the boss at a small office in the suburbs of Philadelphia. This morning we crossed over the Delaware River and we stopped to take pictures of the aircraft carrier and battleship which are tied up in Philadelphia. The first thing I need to do is find a paystub maker for this one person who needs a pay stub. Read more »


We Have Music from Our Canary Every Day

When my husband told me he was buying a canary singing CD, I had to laugh. I asked him why he was buying one, and he said that it only made sense since our own canary was not singing for us. That is one of the reasons why we had bought our canary in the first place, so we could hear the music that they are known to make. When ours did not even give a single peep or whistle, we had to laugh that we bought a dud. We still kept her though because she was pretty and still a part of our family, even without the singing.

He bought the CD mainly as a joke. Read more »


Started Work on My Workshop

I have been considering how best to optimize the design and construction of the work shop, obviously I want to end up with the best quality and largest structure that is possible without exceeding the budget that I have in mind. I am getting all of the material right now and storing it under a temporary shelter. I decided to buy fiber underlayment so that I can better insulate the building against noise. After I was out at the site for a good while I realized that there is a lot of road noise there. Read more »


Justice Was on My Side with the Right Attorney

I never thought I would need to defend myself from a legal allegation that was untrue. The media is full of stories about that happening to people. I keep a pretty low profile and do not hurt anyone, so it was maddening to find out that it was happening to me. I kept asking myself where the justice in this world is, and why people accuse others of completely false things. After my friends told me which Los Angeles criminal defense attorney would be a good one, he agreed to take on my case.

It all started when I met a woman who works in another department at the company that we both work for. I had been there for 17 years, and she had just been hired on about one year prior to meeting her. Read more »


Civil Engineering is Where You Want to Be

I was a sophomore in college and still had not declared a major. My parents and advisor were quickly running out of patience for me so I knew that I had to make a choice to go and declare something quick. I found my roommate using his computer for a tutorial staad and found that it was a program that he had to learn how to use as a civil engineering major. I thought that it looked interesting so I talked more about it with him and he told me all of the things that a civil engineer does and I was really excited to actually have some sense in my life.

I was going to have to spend an extra year in college to get my masters degree if I decided to do an accelerated track and I knew that was the best thing for me. If I had gone into the working world right after my four year degree then I knew it was going to be hard to go back and get my masters education. I decided to declare my new major and when I went in to see what jobs were available for the future, I could not believe the amount of jobs that were available.

Civil engineering is a vast major, there are many different things that you can do. It’s so big, there are so many avenues that you can take with it as a major. I am really happy to know that I chose something that can help society and make a difference in the lives of everyone in the community. It’s not only a great career, I also see it as giving back to the world in the way of a professional career that keeps people safe and makes their lives even better in the long term.


Cutting Through Metal with Tools

I used to think I had every tool to take care of any job, but I recently learned that my took kit was lacking. I had to repair a shed in my backyard that had become damaged. and when I tried to drill into the metal, my drill bit couldn’t penetrate it. I tired applying a little pressure to the metal, but that still didn’t work. After a while, some sparks were coming out of the metal. I stopped and looked for rotabroach cutters to get through the tough metal.

After all of the work that I’ve done with my tools, I didn’t think to get anything that would be able to stand up to metal, because I hadn’t done any work with metal before. Most of my work had been done with wood, sheet rock, or plastic., which are much easier to cut through than metal. I didn’t even own a welding torch, or a spot welder, because I didn’t know how to use them and never came upon an opportunity to use them. Read more »


Keeping the Native Traditions Alive

For a college history class, I was given an assignment to write about the history of the Native Americans. I could have just made a presentation and typed a long paper, but I wanted to do something that was a little less boring. I came up with the idea of learning how to do a traditional Native American dance. The Native Americans have a rich tradition in using dance in meaningful ways. I looked for a traditional Indian headdress on the Internet and an accurate ceremonial outfit to make my dance look even more authentic.

I studied videos of Native Americans dancing until I could get the steps down perfectly. Read more »


They Took Me to the First Page of Results

My business manager and I were talking about all of the vacancies that we had in one of the apartment complexes I own. This was about a year ago, and I honestly wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew that there were other developments in the area that provide housing, but none of the others were any better than my own apartment complexes. I eventually found out what was wrong after looking at My business manager had told me that this was a company that could find out why our growth was so stunted, so I decided to check them out.

I liked everything that I read on their site, and I decided to give them a try. Read more »


A New Way to Access Service Industries

It’s an amazing thing to be part of the generation that is introducing so many changes to multiple industries across the globe thanks to wide spread access to the Internet. The service industry has especially been undergoing changes with the help of the smart phone. The advent of apps have allowed unique business types to crop up. Imagine wanting food from your favorite restaurant but unfortunately they don’t offer delivery. Now with the help of those unique businesses you can have food delivery in tampa regardless of the restaurant. It’s a business model that many people have thought of but only now because of access to the web are people able to make the dream come true.

Uber is a great example of how the world is being forced into these changes. Read more »


How to Cosplay the Right Way

Hair comes in an diverse abundance of subtypes which means that a categorization type had to come into existence sooner or later. For 4c hair, the Afro kinky kind, a lot of great care has to go into it. Too, this also means that this kind of hair is for sale at a premium and today of all days, Cyber Monday, you can get this hair on sale right now if you need some extensions. Read more »


Enough Hair to Last a Year

During a recent sale, I was able to get some amazing hair bundle deals. The hair bundles would have normally cost me an arm and a leg for just one, but thanks to the sale, I was able to get many of them for a lower price. I’ve bought enough hair to last me for the entire year. When I usually buy hair, I save up some money from my paycheck for a couple of weeks, and wear the occasionally when I want to show off or sometimes I’ll save it for special occasions. At least for one year, I don’t have to worry about holding back.

I’ve got some neat ideas that I can use with the hair that I bought. Read more »


Reaching out to Touch the Fans

If there has been one industry which has been able to progress and evolve quickly thanks to the introduction of the Internet into American consumers homes, it’s the music industry. It has been both a source of conflict against the archaic RIAA and a boon for the indie artist who seeks to make a name for themselves. It has adapted quickly to the needs of the artists and is finally now bridging the gap between the indie and the corporate with the help of music sync companies. These companies can offer a helping hand for the artist who wants to have their music played in commercials and movies.

Not every artist is going to choose this method of distribution. Read more »


TV Deals from Direct TV

I am going to lose my mind if my kids don’t stop bugging me. Sometimes, I feel like I must have a sign on my back that reads, “Harass me” I am going to try to find a new provider for my television. I just canceled my previous cable subscription because of the price, and for other reasons as well. Now I am looking to find something new and different. I think that DirecTV might be a good option for me. I have never even watched television that was from a satellite dish before, and so that could be kind of interesting.

I am sure that for the most part, it is not a lot different than getting your television from a cable provider. Read more »


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