Never Text While Driving a Car!

My journey through the legal system with a car accident attorney in Sacramento began when I was hit by a teenager while driving to work. While my mind was consumed with the daily concerns of commuting and focusing on the project I was working on at my job, I never noticed the car racing into the side of my vehicle. Out of the corner of my eye, right at impact, I saw something fly up against the inside of their windshield. I wasn’t hurt enough to require medical attention, which meant I was in the right frame of mind to notice the smartphone on their dashboard.

Why would their phone be on the dashboard? That’s a weird place for a phone, and why wasn’t it knocked off at impact? I asked the police officer these questions and he was interested in the answers as well. It turns out the girl was texting her friends and wasn’t paying attention to the road. Her phone flew out of her hand and landed on the dashboard of the car when she hit me. The police confirmed it by looking at phone records. She’s in a lot of trouble.

Actually she’s in even more trouble because I’m suing her due to her being under-insured. Her insurance company doesn’t want to pay out the full cost of my loss. So I got my attorney, one practiced in the way of getting their clients what is coming to them, and we worked out a plan of attack that saw the insurance company agreeing to cough up enough money to fix my car. I don’t know how she’s going to continue driving, and frankly I don’t care. Someone reckless enough to be on their phone while driving doesn’t deserve to have a license let alone an insurance company willing to insure them.


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