My Son Needed to Be Tutored

Education is very important in our family. My husband and I both have university degrees, and we have been able to provide very well for our family because of it. We have always encouraged our three children to let education be the path for their future, and all three have done exactly that. The only hiccup we had was our youngest son when he was taking a physics class at school. He was not comprehending the teacher’s method of teaching, but we did not let that stop him from learning. We looked into a physics tuition program to see if we could find someone local to help him out.

We were actually thinking of a private tutor who would help him one on one. We thought that perhaps the classroom size was the hindrance to our son’s inability to grasp what the teacher was teaching. However, we soon found out that it was not the number of classmates in his group but that the teacher was just not an enthusiastic teacher. While she was definitely teaching the curriculum, my son wanted more than that. He did not just want the basics, and it was actually a group tutoring program that helped him find what he was looking for.

He is the one who suggested that we look into the teacher that he ended up going with. He liked that the teaching was done in a group setting rather than one on one. He wanted to hear what the other kids had to say along with their questions. I had not considered that aspect of it, and I knew that he was right. Since going into that class, he has really excelled with his learning. Even his older brothers were impressed with the level of understanding that he now has of a fun but difficult subject.


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