Keeping Up with President Trump

I’m a huge supporter of President Donald Trump and voted for him in the last election. He is the target of a lot of unwarranted negativity in the mainstream media and still holds his head high. It takes a strong man to remain steadfast with all of this surrounding him on a daily basis. I like to keep up with Trump news as I think he is doing a phenomenal job with all of the controversies he is facing. He has a lot of good policies that I agree with that is beneficial to the American people.

I like to keep informed on what he is doing for our country such as the new tax policies that are going to make it easier for us working people to keep more of our money that we earn every week. President Trump has our best interest at heart and is doing what he can to ensure prosperity for all our citizens.

I also agree with him on the controversial immigration policies and issues facing us today. Yes, I know our country is comprised of immigrants seeking the American dream. But there is a legal way to do it. He is not against legal immigration, he is against illegal immigration. These illegal immigrants are taking up many of our resources and are not contributing by paying taxes. My own grandfather and great-grandmother immigrated to this country from Whales back in the 1930’s. But they did it the legal way and came to Ellis Island and had the proper paperwork to do so. I don’t understand why immigration is such a debatable issue because there are laws in place to be followed by everyone who wants to come to this great country. I have full faith in our President to tackle these policies and do what is right for our country.


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