Justice Was on My Side with the Right Attorney

I never thought I would need to defend myself from a legal allegation that was untrue. The media is full of stories about that happening to people. I keep a pretty low profile and do not hurt anyone, so it was maddening to find out that it was happening to me. I kept asking myself where the justice in this world is, and why people accuse others of completely false things. After my friends told me which Los Angeles criminal defense attorney would be a good one, he agreed to take on my case.

It all started when I met a woman who works in another department at the company that we both work for. I had been there for 17 years, and she had just been hired on about one year prior to meeting her. I really did not know much about her, so we traded niceties for awhile, and then after we had a few chances to talk a bit, I decided to ask her out. We began seeing each other casually. I was really busy with work and I had just gotten divorced a year prior, so I wasn’t looking for a really serious relationship. However, when I told her that I needed to pull away because of a major work project, she began stalking me. Angry that I refused to date her again, she decided to call the police and tell them that I raped her. This is something that never happened, and I needed help fast.

The company we work for found out about it and they fired me. She was allowed to continue to work there. This was very unfair, considering she as the person who wasn’t being honest. My lawyer fought hard for me, and I fought hard, too. In the end, the charges were dismissed when no proof was found that I’d done anything to her at all. I got my job back, and she was fired immediately.


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