I Needed a Better Place to Live

I learned my lesson the last time I rented an apartment. The place I rented looked really nice online, and everything was done over the internet. I filled out my application online, and I was emailed back with instructions for my deposit, which I also made online. So, the first time I stepped foot in the apartment was when I was moving in. That is when I saw that the pictures were not accurate whatsoever, but I was stuck with it for six months because of my lease. I started looking at Charlotte South End apartments when I went into my fifth month of being there, because I had no plans on staying beyond that.

The lesson I learned was that no matter how nice an apartment looks online, I will never again rent a place sight unseen. I had been looking forward to this apartment search for so long because I was tired of living in the dump where I was tricked over the apartment photos. When I saw City Park View, I immediately made an appointment so I could take a tour of the grounds. I also wanted to see one of the apartments, and I was really happy when they told me I could see the one that I was most interested in.

Knowing that the apartment had the potential to be mine, I took my time looking at everything. I asked a lot of questions, and the person helping me was able to easily answer all of them. It was nice to see that what they portray on the website is really what people get, and I did fill out the application that same day. I didn’t even wait to finish out my sixth month at the other place. It was worth it for me to pay rent for both places if it meant I got out of the other one even a few weeks early!


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