I Just Got a Promotion

Of course that would have been much better if it had not come with a relocation to go along with it. I have to move a hundred and fifty miles into New Jersey. It is going to involve becoming the boss at a small office in the suburbs of Philadelphia. This morning we crossed over the Delaware River and we stopped to take pictures of the aircraft carrier and battleship which are tied up in Philadelphia. The first thing I need to do is find a paystub maker for this one person who needs a pay stub. The reason was explained to me, but I did not really understand it as real point. It has something to do with with the fact that she has a child and a former husband. The problem lies in the child support that she wants. Of course she wants to prove that she makes very little money I suppose, and this is not really true. It seems like the ex husband makes a very great deal of money working on Wall Street.

At any rate I am going to get a big bonus if things go the way that the bosses want it to. They believe that this territory is ripe for us to really benefit from the expansion. That is something that is not going to work unless we can get things off of the ground in a big hurry and set up a good operation. It is not like that is simple and you need to find the right people first. It is not something which is going to work on it’s own. Instead you have to get a good feel for what is needed and you need to find people who can go out and make people sign on the dotted line.


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