I Have Been Staying with My Cousin

In fact my cousin is sort of a charmed character, since he has two really rich parents who do not exactly require him to do much in exchange for the money that they give him. He has a good job in banking, but they helped him pay for this place he has at a big apartment building called 464 Bishop, which are luxury apartments in Atlanta on the West Side, near Buckhead. At any rate he is going to be going out of town for a week or two and he wants me to watch his dog for him. I am more than willing to do that for him, especially since he has a bar full of liquor and a big side by side stainless steel refrigerator filled with craft beer. Davie is really into that stuff, he loves to show off how much he knows about that stuff and seems to think there is a perfect beer for every imaginable situation.

The dog itself is pretty annoying to be honest. I guess that it does not like me and Davie says that this is not unusual. He seems to think that every person who comes in the place is an intruder and they have to be barked at. At any rate the thing is not much of a threat to any person, the thing would have to stand on it’s hind legs to bite you on the shin. Of course I am ready to drink his beer at the side of this pool, which is enormous. Actually the pool is about normal size, but there is an enormous patio around it and there is a big screen TV. I checked out the wi fi too, because obviously I would be trying to work out there since I always have things to do.


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