I Didn’t Want to Live in a Hotel Anymore

I had no idea that I was going to find such a nice place to live when I first moved to Dallas last year. The company I work for needed me there immediately, and I didn’t even have time to find a place to live yet. I put all my furniture in storage, and I lived out of a hotel for nearly two months. That grows old very quick, and I finally started looking at luxury apartments in North Dallas TX. My company had told me to take my time, but I was beyond ready to move into my very own place.

The Oaks of North Dallas Apartments turned out to be the only place I looked at. A couple of colleagues told me that they also live there, and I couldn’t help but want to learn more once they told me just a bit about what it is like to live there. The main thing that I liked is how close it is to where I work. The hotel was just five minutes away, and the apartment complex is even closer. On a nice day, I can even walk or bike to work if I want to.

Having that luxury is really nice, but it is just one of the many nice things about The Oaks. My apartment is fantastic. I have a huge bedroom that opens up onto a private balcony. I also have an attached bath, and my walk in closet is more than sufficient. The washer and dryer is even right by the closet, making laundry days much easier to deal with. The living room is huge too, and my favorite part about it is the fireplace at the far end. Moving to here from the hotel was definitely needed, and I could not be happier with my home.


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