I Am More Than Content Living Here

It took me hardly any time at all to find my new home. I thought that I wanted to find a small bungalow or cottage, but it turned out that Tampa apartments is more my speed. I was looking for a house in a quieter section of Tampa when I came across The Lodge. It had been years since I had lived in an apartment complex, so I was really surprised to see just how nice this one is. As soon as I looked at the website for The Lodge, I knew that I was going to submit an application there rather than take on a mortgage.

The Lodge should actually be called paradise. It does not have the glitz and glamour that a lot of places have, which is why I like it so much. It is more rustic looking in appearance, which is more to my tastes. I drive a pickup truck and still wear a cowboy hat, so living in an apartment like this is actually like coming home. The apartments are all laid out really nice, and mine is better than the cottages I had been looking at.

I just wanted something small and efficient, but I got so much more with this apartment. I don’t have to worry about cutting the grass or calling in a repairman should something break. I don’t have to worry about taking care of trees or making the property look nice, because all of that is done for me here. The best part is that my neighbors are some of the most laid back people I have ever met. They feel more like family than someone who lives next door, and that is not a tall tale at all. This feels so good to be living here, and I am more than content.


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