I Am Excited That My Parents Are Coming to Visit

I left China in order to go to school in the US, and my parents wanted this for me just as much as I wanted it for myself. After I got here I realized that the best way to secure future for myself in life was to stay here, but that meant that I would need to leave my parents. I put myself through school by working for the people over at http://www.toronto-limo.com for 6 years. They were really good for me and flexible with my class schedule. Now, they are helping me after learning that my parents are coming here to visit.

I work full-time now as an accountant. My dream is to one day to own my own accounting firm. I am working very hard toward that goal. In the meantime I miss my parents very much, and they miss me, too. So I save money and then bring both of my parents over for a month-long visit. I have been trying to get everything worked out ahead of time so that everything is Smooth Sailing by the time they get here. When I told my boss that my parents are coming, and I was worried about how my parents would get around him when I am at work, he said that he would offer free use of one of the limos to help settle my parents around. I am so grateful for them.

I have a spare bedroom in the apartment that I rent, and I have set it up as a guest room now. I bought new furniture and decor for the room, and the place looks great. I have all sorts of different things planned out to do with my parents when they are here. I want them to see as much as. We are going to be so excited when they learn they are going to be chauffeured around in a limousine. They live in a small village in China, and I don’t think they’ve ever even seen this type of wonderful vehicle before!


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