How to Cosplay the Right Way

Hair comes in an diverse abundance of subtypes which means that a categorization type had to come into existence sooner or later. For 4c hair, the Afro kinky kind, a lot of great care has to go into it. Too, this also means that this kind of hair is for sale at a premium and today of all days, Cyber Monday, you can get this hair on sale right now if you need some extensions. I only just found out about this because I was looking for something for my girlfriend who does cosplay – I thought I’d get her a seriously awesome wig for her next costume and stumbled on this site that sold real human hair.

It’s the exact sort of gift that I was hoping for. A normal wig is all well and good but at the same time, a real wig is always going to look like a wig and nothing else. Ah, but when I saw an actual wig made from real human hair I was shocked how awesome it looked. Since Amy is going to be doing a Kerrigan cosplay (the half-Zerg alien chick from the Star Craft series), I had to find a dreadlocks like wig.

That’s how I learned about the hair types which in turn made it easier for me to find real human hair wigs. I’m serious when I say that they’re expensive; I almost didn’t buy the wig at first because of just how much it cost but when I thought about how awesome it would look on Amy for her costume I realized that it was totally worth the cost. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for her; to be successful and happy in her cosplaying and if I can help her with that, I’ll spend any amount to make it happen.


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