Getting an IPhone Unlocked is Easier Than Ever

I broke my expensive iPhone. Well, it wasn’t me. It was my rotten brother. I had some of my electronics sitting on my bed. He came in and jumped on the bed making my phone bounce onto the floor. The broken screen has sharp pieces that make it impossible to do anything. I feel like the guy in that phone commercial who had bandages on his fingers trying to use a cell phone with a broken screen. I bought a used iPhone from a cousin who got a new one, and I went to to figure out how to unlock it to use with my carrier.

I was still paying on the one that broke. I did not have insurance on it. In retrospect, I see how it would have been beneficial to have. I did not take into account rambunctious kid brothers. I go rock climbing, ride a mountain bike, hike rugged trails and terrain and never broke a cell phone. The one time I have my phone out of its armored case it gets bounced onto the floor. I was cleaning the case in the bathroom of some mud I got on it while out hiking. The case I have for it works well. That is, as long as the phone is actually in the case!

Anyway, my cousin is on a different network. I thought I could do some sort of software trick to unlock the phone to use on my network. I figured if I had to spend a few bucks to pay someone to unlock it, that it would be worth it. I got the phone really cheap. I found out that in my case all I needed to do was contact the carrier. The iPhone was not under contract, so the carrier was okay with unlocking it. They did not even charge me anything. That was nice of them. I told them that I would keep them in mind once my contract with my carrier was up.


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