Finding the Right Apartment on the First Shot

I was not in the mood to look at a hundred apartments for San Antonio TX. I had no idea if that was how many I would have to look at before finding the one I wanted to move into, but it seemed plausible at least. I was spared all of that though when a friend told me to come visit him at his apartment to see how I like it. I had never been there before as we hung out mostly with other friends at their houses, so I was excited to see his place since he said it is really nice.

I took a quick tour of his apartment, and I did like the layout of it. He has a one bedroom though, and I knew I would need something bigger because I do the majority of my work from home. I needed a two bedroom so I could set up a home office in the second bedroom, since I did not want to have a cluttered living room filled with my desk, filing cabinets, book cases and more. I could tell that I would like the interior of a two bedroom unit just by looking at his place though.

He then took me on a tour of the grounds, and that is when I absolutely knew that I was going to fill out an application to live here myself. There are two swimming pools, which I really liked since I do enjoy swimming a lot. There is also a business center which I knew would come in extremely handy for me since I have a home office here at my apartment. I am so glad I did not have to suffer through finding a place to live. I could have looked at a hundred others and still picked this one to live at.


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