Finding a Nice New Apartment is Like Getting a Fresh Start

My cousin and his wife were looking for an apartment. They were reading those little newsprint magazines for apartments that you see in dispenser boxes outside of stores or on info racks just inside the door. They were asking around too. I got online and found I figured it would be perfect for them as he uses a wheelchair and the place has wheelchair access. However, I did not know if they would like the place or not. That is, until I saw all the amenities and the photos at the website for the Parkway Square Apartments.

Not only do they have wheelchair access, they have hardwood floors. That is a lot easier to get around on when a person is using a wheelchair. They also have a washer and dryer in the apartment. That saves a ton of time by not needing to haul your clothes to a laundromat or laundry room. The rooms look great, and the kitchen was laid out to make it easier for him to access things. The pool was all I needed to see to sell me on the place. I swim every day, and we have a pool where we live. After seeing what Parkway Square has, I had my wife take a look. She said she wanted to go take a look at a couple of the apartments as our lease was coming up for renewal.

We found a nice apartment that is 1239 square feet, and we moved to Parkway Square even before my cousin and his wife did. They came along about about a week after we were moved in. It feels like a fresh start for the four of us, and I swim before and after work pretty much every day. I hit the gym for the weights, but I enjoy swimming for my exercise the most.


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