Enough Hair to Last a Year

During a recent sale, I was able to get some amazing hair bundle deals. The hair bundles would have normally cost me an arm and a leg for just one, but thanks to the sale, I was able to get many of them for a lower price. I’ve bought enough hair to last me for the entire year. When I usually buy hair, I save up some money from my paycheck for a couple of weeks, and wear the occasionally when I want to show off or sometimes I’ll save it for special occasions. At least for one year, I don’t have to worry about holding back.

I’ve got some neat ideas that I can use with the hair that I bought. I’ll go for my classic long and straight look for a while, and then I’ll switch it up to something a little more experimental. I’ve never worn curls before, so this would be the perfect chance to try them. I’m not really worried about if other people will like them or not, because I’m just wearing them for my own benefit. I’ve never really heard anyone outright say they hate to see curly hair, so I doubt I would get any backlash anyway.

Another style I want to try is long braids. I’ve done corn rows before, but I didn’t like them because my hair was so short and it didn’t feel to great. It also didn’t help that the person who put them in my head did it too tight. I think a more experienced person could put braids in with the hair I purchased without making them too tight or making them so loose that the hair falls out. The thing I love about braids is that you can still configure the hair multiple ways while having them.


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