Enjoying All of the Apartment Amenities

My husband was given a promotion at work that would take him close to Camp Pendleton. We did not want to live real close to the base because he wanted his private life to be separate from his working life. He decided that he would rather drive 20 to 30 minutes to work and have the two separate rather than live just minutes away but always have work people around him even off the clock. That is why we finally decided on Capella at Rancho Del Oro luxury apartment homes to be where we live.

We were torn between wanting a house or an apartment, but the apartment won out because of all the amenities that are included. Without those, we would have definitely went with the house, but we can’t complain because the layout of our apartment is really spectacular. We wanted the apartment because of the swimming pool, fitness center and clubhouse, and all three of those things are really nice. A good bonus is having a game room in the clubhouse as well. The two of us like hanging out there when we have some downtime, and we have met some really nice people that way too.

We don’t have any children yet, but we have discovered since moving into our apartment that living in this area is really nice for young families too. We definitely have a family on our radar for the near future, so it is even more meaningful that we found such a nice place to live. I don’t know if we will stay at the apartment or buy a home once our family does start growing, but it is not something we will have to worry about for several years. Right now, we are just going to enjoy what we have at the apartment complex!


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