Cutting Through Metal with Tools

I used to think I had every tool to take care of any job, but I recently learned that my took kit was lacking. I had to repair a shed in my backyard that had become damaged. and when I tried to drill into the metal, my drill bit couldn’t penetrate it. I tired applying a little pressure to the metal, but that still didn’t work. After a while, some sparks were coming out of the metal. I stopped and looked for rotabroach cutters to get through the tough metal.

After all of the work that I’ve done with my tools, I didn’t think to get anything that would be able to stand up to metal, because I hadn’t done any work with metal before. Most of my work had been done with wood, sheet rock, or plastic., which are much easier to cut through than metal. I didn’t even own a welding torch, or a spot welder, because I didn’t know how to use them and never came upon an opportunity to use them. If one of my metal plumbing pipes had become damaged, I would have needed a blow torch to repair it, or to seal two copper pipes together.

Once the cutters arrived, I went back to working on the shed. The cutters were easily able to get through the metal. I then used some bolts and nuts to secure the metal and return the shed to the way it looked before it became damaged.The shed is pretty old, and one day it will entirely rust out to the point where a simple nut and bolt won’t be able to fix it. I’ll probably just get a new shed by then, but in the meantime, I’ll just make repairs whenever I can. I might look into something other than metal.


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