Being of Service to Others is Something That I Need in Life

My husband was always very happy with me being a stay-at-home mother to our kids when they lived with us. When our kids moved out, my husband hoped that I would continue to stay at home, but I felt that I needed to do something constructive. I began applying to work at different companies, and I was eventually hired to do post tenancy cleaning in Singapore a couple of months ago. I enjoy the work, and I like having extra money when I get my bi-weekly paycheck. After I spend four hours at my cleaning job during the day, I can then go home and care of our home afterward.

Taking care of three children was a really hard job, but I always loved it. When our oldest child started high school, I still had two very young children at home to take care of. By the time our middle child reached high school age, our youngest child was just entering elementary school. So, I didn’t have a lot of free time until they all were old enough to need me a lot less. I enjoyed being there for them each day when they got home from school.

When I no longer had my days filled with making meals, helping out with schoolwork, doing all the other things that my kids needed done daily, I began to feel bored and antsy. I was happy taking care of my family and loved feeling needed. I’ve never been someone who likes to sit around just watching TV or doing really mindless things. I told my husband that getting a job was important to me, and he fully supported me with my wish to find find work. I still want to take care of things around our house, but it was important to me to know that I can still interact with a lot of people daily and feel needed by them, too.


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