A Project Better Than Any Volcano

My son’s teacher made the entire class do a science project, but she didn’t want anyone to do the classic volcano that students normally make. I guess she’s seen enough of those volcanoes to last a lifetime. My son came up with the idea of making a tiny solar powered car, and asked me what is the price of copper per pound so he could use it to build the car. He needed the copper for the frame of the car because he wanted enough to support his body weight. The solar cells of the car would be used to charge a battery hidden in the front of the car. For someone my son’s age, he came up with a pretty good idea in the solar car.

I helped my son draw the design for the car and we bought the parts necessary to build it. My son is pretty handy with a set of tools. He’s been building small stuff using his toy bricks and metal toy kit ever since he was barely speaking words. When he grows up, I think he’s going to become a really good engineer and make some things that will change the world, but for now, his genius mind will be focused on the school projects that his teachers keep throwing at him. Once the car was finished, we took it out into the backyard for a little test drive.

The car turned on and it drove for a little bit, but then it stopped. We had to make some adjustments to the wiring to get it to work correctly. Once the changes were made, the car was working perfectly and controlled like a full blown car. The car was small enough to roll around indoors and fit down a normal sized hallway, which was perfect for the school. When my son showed the car off in class, the teacher was amazed and gave him an instant A.


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