A New Way to Access Service Industries

It’s an amazing thing to be part of the generation that is introducing so many changes to multiple industries across the globe thanks to wide spread access to the Internet. The service industry has especially been undergoing changes with the help of the smart phone. The advent of apps have allowed unique business types to crop up. Imagine wanting food from your favorite restaurant but unfortunately they don’t offer delivery. Now with the help of those unique businesses you can have food delivery in tampa regardless of the restaurant. It’s a business model that many people have thought of but only now because of access to the web are people able to make the dream come true.

Uber is a great example of how the world is being forced into these changes. While the Taxi service industry is rebelling mightily against Uber’s presence in the market there is very little that they can do against the introduction of technology. The overwhelming presence of technology and the number of people who are accessing Uber pretty much demands that the industry changes. If businesses are unable to adapt to the new environment, the technology itself, then they are going to be pushed out by the competition who does.

They have to change if they want to grow with their customers. That should be the goal of every company and every business – adapt to the customers. Customers are going to come and go and new generations of them are going to utilize new technologies in order to access the products and services that are provided by those businesses. Uber is going to force the taxi industry to undergo a significant change and it’s a good thing. Their current model is simply unsustainable as it stands and if they want to continue to be successful they’ll begin utilizing apps like Uber does.


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