Neurotechnology Prospects in the Near Future

Understanding the ASVAB Test | GoArmy.comBrain science is advancing rather quickly these days, especially in fields such as neuroscience, which focuses on understanding the biological structures and mechanisms of the brain. Current understanding of the workings of the brain is far beyond what could have been dreamed of a mere hundred years ago, or probably, even several decades ago. Yet, it seems that humanity’s understanding of the brain will only continue to grow within the forseeable future. And as that understanding grows, it will bring with it the possibility of new technologies that will be able to interact directly with the brain.

There are is already some precedence for neurotechnology; for example, there have been encouraging results with using prostectic devices that are connected to a patients nerves and give the amputee some degree of regained functionality in their missing limb. I think that such advances are only the tip of the iceberg, and that wonderful new technologies will change the human experience in ways we are not able to yet imagine.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why a cure for blindness will not be available within the relatively near future. It is already possible to interface conventional electric signals with nerves. What remains is to create a device capable of rendering images comparable to what the human eye can do. It may take quite awhile before technology is capable of creating anything with the clarity of a real eye; but none the less, it seems like it should be possible. The possibilities for neurotechnology extend to many more conditions and diseases as well. Hopefully diseases such as dementia will become a thing of the past after our understanding of the human brain increases sufficiently. I am hoping that I will be alive long enough to see some of the advances in technology related to the brain.


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