Focus on Work, Also Focus on Family

When I was looking for work, I wanted something that was serious and I could do remotely. I need to be on call for my mother, who is elderly, and can’t run home from a job in the city. When I heard about corporate secretarial services, I read a lot about the job. After realizing the job is commonly done remotely, I sent my resume to a few companies. I was excited to hear back from a few of them and settled on a new up and coming company. They were open to me not really being experienced and were growing and learning like I was.

The first thing I had ever done for them was write up a report for compliance. I made a short list of the most important things that should be done for the company, if they hadn’t already been done. Researching for that took some time, but I learned a lot. The information helped the company as well. Some of the compliance issues they weren’t even aware of and would have been shut down after inspection if they had opened up. I issued report after report of new compliance issues to make sure everyone was up to speed on what was going on and what needed to be focused on. It was really a learning experience for us all.

When the flow of this was started, I was in charge of viewing reports sent back to me and finding anything that was in need of fixing or changing. If nothing was needed, I would sign off on the task. If things needed to be changed, I would write another report detailing the information that needed the focus. It was a lot of back and forth, but it was fun. All the while, I got to take time to make sure my mother was well taken care of. A lot of people trusted me!

I loved that job, which is why I continue to work in that field. I love helping up and coming companies and that’s what I spend my focus on. I am able to use what I had learned and focused on to ensure other companies don’t start off on the wrong foot. I have successfully helped many of them start strong without compliance issues. I wouldn’t change it for the world! The best part was, I was able to see that my mother got everything she needed and wasn’t in any trouble as well!


They Took Me to the First Page of Results

My business manager and I were talking about all of the vacancies that we had in one of the apartment complexes I own. This was about a year ago, and I honestly wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew that there were other developments in the area that provide housing, but none of the others were any better than my own apartment complexes. I eventually found out what was wrong after looking at My business manager had told me that this was a company that could find out why our growth was so stunted, so I decided to check them out.

I liked everything that I read on their site, and I decided to give them a try. Read more »


Going to Las Vegas in a Couple of Weeks

I’m so happy that in two weeks, I’ll be meeting with a woman from a Las Vegas escort service. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Las Vegas, but the last time I came, I had a good time with an escort. The escort who I selected before no longer works for the escort service because she retired, but that’s fine. Part of life is meeting new people, and I’m sure that the new person that I’ve selected will be just a great as the one from my previous trip to Las Vegas.

I’ve been thinking about some good places that the escort and I can go to once I arrive. We have to go somewhere that has a big buffet so we can eat a lot. The buffets are one of the best things about Las Vegas for me. I like to be able to go to an area where this a large selection of food for me to choose. Read more »


Everyone Can Benefit from Using the Right Trading App

Whether you just started trading Bitcoin the day before yesterday or you have been using it since it emerged in 2009, using the right Bitcoin trader is an integral part of the process. When people have been in this arena for some time, it can lead to feelings of invincibility, but a smart investor will not allow small successes to go to their head and pave the way for large financial mistakes to be made.

If you are a busy person, it can be a bit tricky to work another task into your daily schedule. Manual trading is preferred by many, but there is no reason to limit oneself. The right Bitcoin trader keeps running and doing its job, even when you are not there to watch it like a hawk. Read more »


We Needed an App for Church

One of the things that was very disruptive at church was how many people constantly forgot to put their phone on mute of vibrate before coming in the doors. Some felt it was only to be done during a message from the pastor, but it disrupts fellowship too. That is why I decided to take action. I talked to a mobile app developer to see if it was possible to have an app where people who had it would automatically have their phones muted if they came into the church and forgot to do that themselves. Read more »


Treating Two Problems with Tradition

For a few days, I was getting headaches, and they were getting worse. With each passing minute, it’s as if my head was getting more and more painful, and at one point I felt as if my head was going to explode. I took some aspirin to stop the pain, but this faded after some hours, and I had to take more. I went to a good TCM in Singapore for treatment, because I felt that a traditional treatment was the best option for handling the pain. Sometimes the traditional methods can work wonders and surprise people with how good they are.

Just as I suspected, the treatment actually worked. I was able to get rid of the headaches permanently, and I was going on about my day as I normally would, but then something else happened. I started to come down with a cold. I don’t know how I got it. Read more »


Being of Service to Others is Something That I Need in Life

My husband was always very happy with me being a stay-at-home mother to our kids when they lived with us. When our kids moved out, my husband hoped that I would continue to stay at home, but I felt that I needed to do something constructive. I began applying to work at different companies, and I was eventually hired to do post tenancy cleaning in Singapore a couple of months ago. I enjoy the work, and I like having extra money when I get my bi-weekly paycheck. After I spend four hours at my cleaning job during the day, I can then go home and care of our home afterward.

Taking care of three children was a really hard job, but I always loved it. Read more »


My Son Needed to Be Tutored

Education is very important in our family. My husband and I both have university degrees, and we have been able to provide very well for our family because of it. We have always encouraged our three children to let education be the path for their future, and all three have done exactly that. The only hiccup we had was our youngest son when he was taking a physics class at school. He was not comprehending the teacher’s method of teaching, but we did not let that stop him from learning. We looked into a physics tuition program to see if we could find someone local to help him out.

We were actually thinking of a private tutor who would help him one on one. Read more »


Anyone Can Learn About Physics

Thanks to the lessons I signed up for on, our children have a firm grasp on a educational topic that few people come by naturally. They were preparing to take their exams at their respective schools in the next few months, and the science exams loomed like a disaster on the horizon. I tried to help them out the best I could, as I did pretty well in physics when I was much younger, but I didn’t have the skills to teach them the finer points of the science. I’m no teacher. We needed a professional to help them.

I wasn’t even sure what type of material the tests would cover, only that there would be some physics involved. I didn’t think it would be very advanced as my kids aren’t that far along in school, but I didn’t want to take the chance that we studied the wrong things and then they bombed the exams. Exams in school here are extremely serious and everyone tries as hard as possible to do their best. You don’t get any second chances here. Read more »


Seeking Employment with a Cleaning Company

My daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school and is looking to find employment immediately after graduation. Since she is so young she doesn’t yet have any work experience. We talked about this to help her try and decide what type of job would be suitable for her. She has always been helpful around the house helping me with daily and weekly cleaning chores so I suggested she may want to seek a company that provides home cleaning services in Singapore. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this is something she is capable of doing and it would also provide her with some variety in the assignments associated with this job.

We decided to find one such company that isn’t too far from our home so she would be able to walk to work or even ride her bicycle. Luck was on our side and we found one that was only four blocks away from our home and wanted to take a closer look at what type of services they provide. We pulled up their website, which was very professional in appearance, and started reading about the services they offer. They had a nice detailed layout of different areas of a home they clean including an estimated time for each area and a list of tasks to be completed in each area. They also stated that they can provide all cleaning detergents needed and that they were safe for you and your family.

My daughter decided that she wanted to apply for employment with this company and filled out the form that was provided on the website. Now, she just has to wait for a call back from them. She is both excited and nervous at the same time, but mostly excited. Hopefully, they will contact her soon with an offer of employment.


Keeping Up with President Trump

I’m a huge supporter of President Donald Trump and voted for him in the last election. He is the target of a lot of unwarranted negativity in the mainstream media and still holds his head high. It takes a strong man to remain steadfast with all of this surrounding him on a daily basis. I like to keep up with Trump news as I think he is doing a phenomenal job with all of the controversies he is facing. He has a lot of good policies that I agree with that is beneficial to the American people.

I like to keep informed on what he is doing for our country such as the new tax policies that are going to make it easier for us working people to keep more of our money that we earn every week. Read more »


Finding a Reputable Home Cleaning Company

My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. My husband and I have been discussing bringing her to our home to live. Since I am a stay at home mom with four children I would almost always be at home. This way we can assure that she has around the clock care. I do have a concern that after she moves in I will not have enough time to do a lot of the everyday chores at home. My husband suggested we look into home cleaning services in Singapore that may be able to come help us out once a week.

I thought this was very thoughtful of him to think of this. Read more »


Me, a Man, and His First Professional Pedicure

I made a wager with my wife. She was not interested in winning money if she won. No, she wanted me to do something I would never do unless I was forced to. She knew I would never go back on a bet. I am not a gambler at all. I do not play the lottery, and I do not go to casinos. However, I thought this wager between my wife and I was okay. I should never have done it as I lost the bet. Now I had to pick the place where we would have pedicure services done together. I have never had a pedicure or a manicure in my life. Guys usually do their own nails. At least guys like me do.

The only thing I was thinking about was taking my shoes and socks off and it being like that scene in the Dumb and Dumber movie where the two lead characters were getting a makeover. The Jim Carey character had awful looking toenails. The technician, in the movie, actually used an industrial grinder on them. I was picturing that. Read more »


My Trip to Canada Almost Got Ruined

I had never been to Canada. I had never been out of the country before. I have only been to a few states. I went to New York once and visited Niagara Falls, and that was as close as I had ever gotten to Canada. I remember when you could just walk across the border using your driver’s license for ID. Now you need a passport type of ID. Slipping in some mud on my first visit to Canada was not part of my itinerary, and neither was having to visit a Vancouver chiropractor to get my back to stop hurting.

I was very happy that the chiropractor was able to take me as a patient. I did not know how it would work with me seeing a doctor as a visitor of a country that has a type of universal healthcare system. I have been to see a chiropractor before, and I got a tremendous amount of relief for the pain I was having in my shoulder that was injured. My whole upper back hurt all the time, and the only relief I got was from going to get therapy from a chiropractor. Read more »


Finding a Nice New Apartment is Like Getting a Fresh Start

My cousin and his wife were looking for an apartment. They were reading those little newsprint magazines for apartments that you see in dispenser boxes outside of stores or on info racks just inside the door. They were asking around too. I got online and found I figured it would be perfect for them as he uses a wheelchair and the place has wheelchair access. However, I did not know if they would like the place or not. That is, until I saw all the amenities and the photos at the website for the Parkway Square Apartments.

Not only do they have wheelchair access, they have hardwood floors. That is a lot easier to get around on when a person is using a wheelchair. They also have a washer and dryer in the apartment. Read more »


I Want to Stand on My Own Two Feet and Become Stronger

Last Saturday morning, I woke up with a swollen face. I had cried myself to sleep the night before, and I knew as soon as I woke up that the swelling was due to all the crying that I did. I needed to find my own apartment as soon as possible. So, I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed a piece of toast, and quickly left to go to the Summer Grove Apartments complex that is located nearby. It is a complex that I had been hoping my ex-fiance and I could move into, but since we had broken up the night before, I was ready to get a place there of my own.

I am now planning to stay single for as long as I need to. Read more »


Renewing Lease on Life in New Apartment

After the death of my brother-in-law several years ago, my sister was finally ready to move from her marital home in Anaheim to be a little closer to family and a new job opportunity at Saddleback College. She had enlisted me to check out renew at the shops which is a beautiful luxury apartment complex near to my home in Mission Viejo.

While I had offered to let my sister stay at my house while she embarked on her new teaching career, my sister insisted that she have her own place and not be a burden on anyone. I assured her she would be far from a burden, but knowing my sister, who had always been fiercely independent, she needed a brand new start in a new place.

I admit, having lived my husband and our kids in a beautiful four bedroom home for the last 20 years, I could not fathom how an apartment could possibly be as nice, but I kept in mind I was searching for my sister that she did not have the same desires for her living space as I did. I can also admit, that after viewing the apartment my sister was considering, I was not at all in tune with what was available in apartments these days. I only remembered the dark little spaces my husband and I had inhabited during our first year of marriage before we found our house and what I saw was the complete opposite of that.

I was welcomed by the rental agent into a beautiful, spacious two bedroom apartment filled with light and all of the amenities of a hotel. The appliances were up to date, the layout was great with easy parking and I could easily picture my sister’s furniture throughout the space. This was definitely the apartment for my sister and I knew once she saw the onsite pool and fitness center, coupled with being able to have a pet, she would sign the lease.


I Had to Change My Plans

I was going to move this week, but I am going to have to put that on hold. If you click here you can see the place. I was on my way to sign the lease when it happened. I was not really doing anything at the time of the accident, or more precisely my car was parked on the side of the road in front of an office. I was looking for some change to feed the meter, although I did not expect to be there long and I would have chanced it if I had not gotten a parking ticket the week before in a similar situation. Read more »


Enjoying All of the Apartment Amenities

My husband was given a promotion at work that would take him close to Camp Pendleton. We did not want to live real close to the base because he wanted his private life to be separate from his working life. He decided that he would rather drive 20 to 30 minutes to work and have the two separate rather than live just minutes away but always have work people around him even off the clock. That is why we finally decided on Capella at Rancho Del Oro luxury apartment homes to be where we live.

We were torn between wanting a house or an apartment, but the apartment won out because of all the amenities that are included. Without those, we would have definitely went with the house, but we can’t complain because the layout of our apartment is really spectacular. We wanted the apartment because of the swimming pool, fitness center and clubhouse, and all three of those things are really nice. A good bonus is having a game room in the clubhouse as well. Read more »


Chill Living at Tally Square

When I looked for apartments in Tallahassee FL, I wanted something really relaxed and kind of out of the way. I am a very private person, don’t make a lot of noise, and keep to myself. I wanted to find a place that reflected that vibe. You don’t normally think of a place like that in Florida. Florida is a happening state with a lot of hustle and bustle. I wanted to avoid most of that if I could. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it until I stumbled over Tally Square online and looked into the complex further.

I immediately like the look of the apartment buildings when I pulled up. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but I think it’s because they seem set back from the street and some are partially blocked by large trees. It just gave the whole place a really calm vibe that I liked immediately. I didn’t see a lot of people standing around or walking around either, which was good because I didn’t want a lot of noisy neighbors causing a ruckus. Read more »


Searching for Las Vegas Apartment Homes

I have always loved Palm trees. I have memories as a child of seeing streets lined with palm trees on TV, and telling myself that when I was grown up I would move to a place like that. Now that I am grown up, I’m looking for my very own apartment, and I have the freedom to move just about anywhere. I’m leaning towards finding an apartment in Las Vegas, because it’s such an exciting city to me. My friend has been looking out for me and told me to visit I was excited to discover an apartment home in Las Vegas where the streets were lined with palm trees.

One of the great things about living in Las Vegas is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can have an amazing home without spending very much on rent. Most of the homes in the area are new, so I wouldn’t have to worry about how recently the property was constructed. Read more »


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